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IMPORTANT! Now, some of seo specialists, without taking any responsibility for they say, declaring "link building is dead".

Below we present the screen of link profile of one very popular website located in the top3 for very competitive queries, just look (ahrefs):

link building as a part of search engine marketing

Then who's dead there? Properly the thing is the fact that website from very top 5 don't meet the requirements of Google guidelines quite in a whole, but staying in top 5 in spite of this. Why? Due to the millions of relevant inbound backlinks from trustful web resources.

Inbound links to website, uniquely contribute to the website organic SEO, but nevertheless, far from being the only prerequisite for the appearance of your website in the top search results. Those who believe that if they "having bought a certain number of links" will lead them to Google's top , will be advised to contact those who promise this. You should not be surprised that this doesn't happen and, what is most unpleasant, as a rule, after the so-called “link explosion”, the result usually has a negative color, primarily due to the unnaturalness of their placement. But then what do we offer? And what is the difference of our proposal:

  • placing links only on trust and highly visited resources
  • Links are placed in articles, bookmarks and user profiles.
  • Links are natural (url, brand, anchor, context, generic anchor, LSI, etc.)
  • Tired links structure

For example: 1-st tire links are supported by 2-nd tire links from the same and other social networks; bookmarks, web porfiles etc. Approximately 5 links of the 2-nd tire to the 1 link of the 1-st tire; similarly from the third tire to the 2-nd tire. As a result, we have, among others, several dozen completely independent blogs in Tumbler, Wordpress, Livejournal, etc. and many others linking to your website. In addition, megapopular bookmarks sites such as reddit, diigo, bookmarkee and many others will point to your website; as well, the links from from web profiles on trustful (DA>50) web resource. Also the links in articles from the most popular articles catalogues and pdf-repositories.


So, what can you have as a result of cooperation with us:

  • quality links from trust resources (the amount depends on your budget)
  • increasing web traffic and increasing your website's rankings in search engines

IMPORTANT! - in order to achieve really bright results, you need to have a quality SEO website (we can help you to create it). Often, people who have a website that was made ten years ago and is a ten-page “business card” are keen to see it in the top search results. The arguments here are simple: "it was in top five years ago - for some reason it fell down, probably the seo specialist messed it up." Gentlemen, a lot of things have changed during this time, and the criteria of quality websites too. That website, that a few years ago was quite a quality one, now maybe completely backward. Look at the competing websites in search results - if your website is better than them, then with our help, you will easily overtake them, if not, we can improve it's seo or create a new perfect one. For the possible prospects of our cooperation, you can ask a question below.


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