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search engine marketing

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the complex process to get traffic from search engines. The best way is organically (free) or common - through paid advertising. Organic SEO, like a part of Search Engine Marketing is the best way to get free traffic from search engines and Paid ads (like Google Adwords) is the way when you pay for your ads to appear on SERP.

The main target of Search Marketing is to increase visibility in search engines by gaining higher rankings in search engine results page, also know as TOP positions. The higher positions and rankings the more traffic to your website. Because currently, the Internet is the main source of information, Search Marketing is very Important. Beeing in TOP 10 or better in TOP5 is a matter for your website and business, gaining tremendous customers flow and growing your sales.

As mentioned before there are two main techniques of SEM: Organic SEO and Paid Ads
Organic Search engine optimization (Organic SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to gain higher rankings in search engines for certain keywords. Organic SEO also can be divided in a few categories:

Technical SEO – optimizing website for easier crawling and indexing by search bots and decrease upload time for the faster interaction with users
On-Page SEO – the processs of pages optimizing to give search engines the correct understanding of what your website is about.
Off-Page SEO – website promotion process, quality backlinks from high trust and (better) related websites
Mobile SEO – the proces of optimization for the mobile devices

Our SEO & SEM agency is concentrated on Organic SEO as a main part of Search Engine Marketing. If you want to get traffic without paying unreal money (check the price of PPC for interesting keywords), then Organic SEO is your way.

If your website appear in first 5 positions of organic results, then it get more then 70% of traffic related to the keyword typed in search box, thus this is another main reason of the importance of Organic SEO in Search Marketing Process.

Besides the traffic, SEO supposes more advantages: Trust and Brand recognition: users usually trust search engines due its strict rules. You have to remember that SEO is not just for search engines but mainly for users. You should prepare the website content for the users first, then optimize it for search engines.

But we are not here for to write manuals - there are more then enough of them in public. We are here to help your website to increase its rankings and positions to have such advantages as mentioned above. SEO is a fantastic way to get customers but if you entrust this activity to the SEM & SEO professionals with more then 15 years experience, yo will get more fast and more noticeable results then if you handle it by yourself.


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